With more than 25 years of experience in the area of event technologies and audio visual system design, Mauricio Salas has passed all relevant positions in the industry – from technology user and self-made audio engineer to concept designer and responsible project manager and consultant.

Mr. Salas is considered a versatile and highly qualified professional who will enrich your company with in-depth knowledge of the global AV and lighting branch. Apart from this
Mr. Salas has successfully realised projects in different markets like Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai. His network in Germany and many countries abroad is highly valued by many market participants. His clients include manufacturers, distributors, architects, project developers, investors, system integrators and installation companies.

Looking for someone with intercultural background and extensive international experience, with confidence and with a high professionalism to advise your company in Germany and abroad? Mr. Salas‘ AV and lighting consultancy services will help you lead your projects to success.